THE META-DEVICE – 25/11/2010 – Istanbul

Ayreen Anastas and Réne Gabri are visiting Istanbul to participate in the Art and Desire Seminars. While they are in Istanbul, in addition to their workshop, they decided to organize a separate and independent event titled THE META DEVICE as a part of their ongoing traveling series public conversations:


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The event will take place November 25, Thursday, at 18:30, on the second floor of Cezayir Building in Galatasaray. Conversation will be held in Turkish.

Cezayir Restaurant
Hayriye Caddesi 12, Galatasaray, Beyoglu

For more information: + 533 341 1744 (Özge Çelikaslan)

The Meta-Device
Over the last two decades the number of large scale international art exhibitions have increased four-fold. With this steady proliferation, the form itself has attracted critical interest as well as scrutiny. Short of opening up an academic department devoted to such inquiries in art schools or schools of economics, there is a growing interest in understanding how these large scale exhibitions connect to, disturb, channel, soften or crystallize conflicts within various social, political, and economic processes.

What is the function of large scale art events? What (if anything) can be done with them? Can a reflection on these events and exhibitions serve as the doorway for entering and exploring some of the double binds and impasses of artistic production today? Can such a discussion open up a space for considering art’s relation to broader economic, ecological, social, and political challenges?

We would like to propose to use the city of Istanbul, with its multiplicity of historical and contemporary tensions, and two overlapping colloquia, one on ‘Art and Desire’ and the second ‘Remembering Istanbul: A Conference on the history of the Istanbul Biennial,’ as the context for such a conversation.

This event will be an effort at a more distributed and horizontal public conversation. Although efforts will be made to invite specific individuals, there will be no keynote speakers.

Conversation will be held in Turkish and English.

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