WINDOWS – A Collaborative Video Exhibition


by Aras Ozgun
Sharjah Art Gallery and Townhouse Art Gallery, March 6-March 23, 2010
The American University in Cairo 
Performance and Visual Arts Department

Flyer for Windows project by Aras Ozgun

IDEA | between private and public

The main idea of this project is to provide an open framework (literally, “frames”) that can combine and cultivate many different experimental narratives, aesthetic techniques and approaches that are possible in video. Each frame/video is open to be called with a performance as well as a documentary, with sound, acts, or a still-life or a landscape image. Each artists contribution can reflect a personal statement/concern relating to a limit situation between private and public. While each contributors work remains as an autonomous piece/expression, it resonates with the others at the same time, and forms a collective, participatory body of work.

IMAGE | between still-life and landscape

The exhibition, which will be developed collaboratively with the workshop participants, will consist of multiple TV monitors. Each TV monitor displays a single image; a window fully framed from inside the room (or whatever interior space it belongs to), and the outside as seen through it. Each window is different from the others. 

Each window is a liminal image between a still-life and a landscape. While showing a window framed from interior, each video partially reveals the identity of that particular interior space (objects and details around the window, curtains, walls, window frames etc.), and at the same time, presents a limited view of the outside (a piece of landscape, a street view, a brick wall, open sky, another window?), thus constructs a limit and a passage between inside/outside, interiority/exteriority, private/public. Each video contains an “event” that relates to this limit situation by utilizing any possible narrative form/technique that could be presented in this setting. An off-screen voice or dialogue conveying a story, or audible/visible clues of something that takes place in the room behind the camera –or at the outside, or a small act in front of the window or at the outside, or just an interval of time. Each video itself is a space that opens to another one, each video contains an “event” that takes place in this opening –a view or a story that relates to a slice of time. None of the videos directly connect to any other; all together they form a heterotopic space, a multiplicity of places, identities and narratives –a room with many views.


Session 1 – Introductory session (lecture, references, sources and materials)
March 6, Saturday, Townhouse Gallery

Session 2 –  Development of ideas and critique
March 9, Tuesday, Sharjah Art Gallery

Session 3 – Videography and field work
March 13, Saturday, Townhouse Gallery

Session 4 – Post-production
March 16, Tuesday, AUC PVA computer lab

Session 5 -Exposition making at Sharjah At Gallery
March 23, Tuesday

March 25 – Exhibition at Sharjah Art Gallery

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