pyromedia is an experimental media arts collective based in New York, US. the main purpose of the collective is to provide a space for collective and collaborative productions, and to create communication channels for experimental media practices. the members of the collective work in different areas of electronic media; sound, video, photography, graphics etc. we mostly work in many areas at once and try to cross the disciplinary boundaries in between these fields.

the common ground for the collective is a critical position towards the processes related with media production. for us, "experimentality" is not a merely formal or technical inquiry, but a constitutive intellectual exploration of ideas, processes and experiences. in this sense, we are also indulged in theoretical and political concerns regarding experimental media production, and our practical works reflect such involvement.

in the "fire" section you can find current works produced within the collective, or by affiliated artists and media producers. "smoke" is for communicating noteworthy events and news. in the "ashes" section you can buy DVD's produced by pyromedia and affiliated people/groups.

web site designed, produced, and maintained by aras ozgun, typefaces used in design are provided by stefanie koerner at monochrom

all the videos, sounds, images and text on this web site are copyrighted unless stated otherwise, and all their rights are reserved by their producers. you are free to download and use these material strictly for personal and non-commercial purposes. if you want to present these works to the public in commercial or institutional settings please contact us. it is strictly prohibited to republish these works on any other commercial web sites (even if they offer free services such as youtube or googlevideo). for any other questions regarding the material you find on our web site, please e-mail us at: smoke (at) pyromedia (dot) org

contact address:
47 Clinton St. Suite 3
New York, NY, 10002
tel.:+ 1.917.6642115
e-mail: smoke (at) pyromedia (dot) org